Walking in Hinckley & Bosworth

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough is 60% rural meaning we are very fortunate to have some beautiful countryside and parks right on our doorstep, in and around the villages and towns. From Bagworth Woods to Hollycroft Park, Burbage Common to Bosworth Battlefield there are many places to explore.

Walking can be done anywhere and anytime. Regular walking can allow you to keep fit and meet new friends. Why not start slowly and build up, it need not take up a huge amount of your day; build it into a routine. A brisk, purposeful walk on a regular basis can:

  • Give you more energy.
  • Reduce stress, helping you to sleep better.
  • Keeps your heart strong.
  • Helps to maintain your weight.
  • Helps to maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.

Walking maps for the Hinckley area

Walking is free, simple and one of the easiest ways to get more active and improve your health and well being.

We have produced a set of maps based around the following main business sites in Hinckley, offering walks of varying lengths. The walks are designed to easily fit into your day, for example your lunch break, to help you improve your health. All the maps are available to download below.

  • Harrowbrook Industrial Estate
  • Wheatfield Industrial Estate
  • Sketchley Meadows Industrial Estate
  • Nutts Lane/Logix Industrial Estate
  • Hinckley Town Centre