HBSSPAN Walk to School Week Promotions

Working in partnership with Living Streets, HBSSPAN encourages all schools to take part in its Walk to School Month Challenges. A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it's less than half. We want to reverse this decline. We want children to be energised and empowered, and to make walking to school their natural choice. Children who walk to school have been found to have higher academic performance in terms of attention/alertness, verbal, numeric, and reasoning abilities; higher degree of pleasantness and lower levels of stress during the school day; and higher levels of happiness, excitement and relaxation on the journey to school.

If you would like to know more about Walk to School Week or any of our other programmes please contact Chris Ripley (chrisr9@bosworthacademy.org.uk).

Chris Ripley

Chris Ripley


Network Manager

Bosworth Academy,
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