Team Leicestershire

Team Leicestershire is the umbrella association for the traditional competitive school sport offer across Leicestershire and Rutland.

It is open to every secondary school - both state and independent, and aims to ensure that as many young people as possible have the opportunity to participate in competitive school sport. Enabling young people to represent their school and compete in a variety of sports/competitions, both at a local level against neighbouring schools, but then with the opportunity to progress through to county finals.

It also aims to re-ignite, support and profile our county representative sides, so that our most talented young people have the opportunity to represent their county with pride on a regional and national stage.

Team Leicestershire competitions are delivered across the following sports:







Table Tennis

Leagues and fixtures for the above competitions are coordinated by the HBSSPAN with schools participating to see who would be crowned Hinckley & Bosworth champion. Results, fixtures and leagues can be found on the Team Leicestershire website.

Martin Lynch

Martin Lynch

School Games Organiser

School Sport and Physical Activity Team

Bosworth Academy,
Leicester Lane,
Desford LE9 9JL
01455 822841 (ext. 249)