HBSSPAN Public Health Offer 2020-21

HBSSPAN receives funding on an annual basis from Leicestershire Public Health to deliver on key work programmes.

  • Development and Delivery of a Fundamental Movement Programme at identified schools
  • Development and delivery of a targeted interventions for inactive boys and inactive girls (inactive pupils should be identified through baseline data) at identified schools.
  • Promote LCC Healthy Schools Programme to the network, providing advice and support to schools on the physical activity component.
  • Support Schools to improve the wellbeing of their staff.
  • Develop and deliver programmes / interventions / processes which support the transition of pupils from school based activity into community based activity.
  • Active Travel
  1. Working with the LCC Active Travel Team, deliver a minimum of 2 active travel campaigns a year open to all schools.
  2. Encourage schools to ensure active travel is embedded in their PE and Sport Premium Action Plans.
  3. Promotion of LCC Active Travel Interventions (including ModeShift Stars) to all schools.
  4. LCC officer to present to your primary school network group once a year e.g. conference, plt days.

• Daily Boost (or equivalent 15min a day programme)

  1. Ensure that 50% of your schools are actively delivering the Daily Boost Programme (or equivalent).
  2. Actively promote Daily Boost to your schools through a variety of opportunities e.g. assembly, competitions, training days, school meetings etc.

• Workforce Development

  1. Promote physical activity CPD opportunities to the network.
  2. Promote LCC Healthy Schools CPD opportunities to the network.
  3. Ensure public health priorities / interventions are promoted at the summer SSPAN conference
  4. Provide Health & Wellbeing Leadership Opportunities for Children & Young People

• Online / Self Care Offer

  1. Promote public and LRS health physical activity messages / opportunities via SSPAN website / newsletters / social media. Promotion to include national & local campaigns.
  2. Promote community based programmes to support transition of pupils into community based programmes.