Ready Set Ride

Working in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, HBSSPAN delivers Ready Set Ride training to Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 staff in schools. The programme is a fun learn to ride programme in school, which is part of a national programme developed jointly by British Cycling and HSBC UK. Pupils are taught the balance and coordination skills they need to ride a bike before progressing onto using balance bikes (bikes without stabilisers) and pedal bikes.

Riding a bike is a brilliant skill to learn when you are young, and one that you never forget. We're proud to be able to offer the children this great opportunity, that will support them in both their academic and social development. Learning to ride a bike involves developing key Fundamental Movement Skills and is a great compliment to the Big Moves programmes and a great catch up programme for older students to inspire them to develop key Fundamental Movement Skills that have not been fully developed previously.

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