Physical Activity for Early Years (0-5)

Why is physical activity important for early years children?

Regular physical activity between the ages of 0-5 can be extremely beneficial in a child's growth and development, for example being physically active can:

  • develop strong bones, muscles and hearts
  • develop good motor skills
  • promote healthy weight
  • enhance bone and muscular development
  • improves sleep
  • development of social skills

How much physical activity should children under 5 be doing?

Top Tips!

Advice and activity ideas for 0-5's

Physical activity ideas for Under 5s:

  • tummy time
  • playing with blocks and other objects
  • climbing
  • skipping
  • riding a bike
  • throwing and catching
  • dancing
  • swimming
  • playground activities
  • sensory / messy play
  • active play like hide and seek

Physical Activity Guidelines for Under 5s