During lockdown, I've had to adapt by doing similar amounts of exercise but in different ways. I've been getting up before sunrise and biking 5-10 miles (weather dependent). Because I was shielding, being this early meant I managed to avoid anyone else. My wife would join me to keep me on track.

I would get in from biking and go straight into core exercises along with high impact exercise for 25 minutes using household items and a 8kg door stop filed with sand. Along with the indoor exercise I managed to get a punch bag put up in my garage and I'd do this once or twice a week to keep up with what I'd learned from my workouts with the trainer in the gym.

Me and my wife have been exercising every other day together, and once restrictions had lifted for me and I could stop shielding, we continued with biking with our regular group at Hicks Lodge and also open water swimming.

Being active has improved our mental health immensely along with our physical health, and during lockdown it was so important to have a regular early morning workout as it gave us such a boost for the rest of our day and kept us much happier in such confined circumstances, as well as making us eat a better balance of food and more regularly.
Being this way every other day gave us more drive towards getting things done and brought a more positive impact to our lives. We became stronger I think and proves how our mental health matters alongside our physical health.

My advice if you're thinking of getting more active:

My advice is that it's only our self that can make the difference, but there is so much help to hand. It's always hard to make change to our lives but life is precious, take the first steps slowly or as hard as you like doing. Exercises with others that either enjoy being active or have been in similar circumstances helps drive you onto having better health and wellbeing.