Daily Boost December is coming!!

Posted: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 14:16

Daily Boost December is coming!!

This offers a great opportunity to introduce, re-launch or carry on the Daily Boost programme at your school or simply try out our new "Mini Boost" resources and boost your schools' position on the Daily Boost Tracker!

With the change of weather and limited space in school right now the 'Mini Boost' offers you the opportunity to provide easy, simple activities without leaving the classroom. One 'Mini Boost' is 5 minutes of any structured activity; 3 x 5 'Mini Boosts' per day is equal to 1 Daily Boost. Or you can still do your 15 minutes of structured activity to achieve a Daily Boost per day.

The Challenge is mainly for fun, however if your pupils complete a scorecard and achieve 250 minutes of activity we have Boost Bands at the ready to send to you! Pupils would need to do at least 17 Daily Boost sessions (15 minutes) to achieve this.

You can choose to do ANY activity at ANY time of the day to suit the needs of your class pupils, classroom, and teacher.

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