Tourism Growth Plan – Data Capture

Posted: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 07:37

Tourism Growth Plan – Data Capture

Following consultation on the draft Tourism Growth Plan, it was recognised that whilst the document provided a useful high level steer on direction, it lacked the detail needed to achieve the deliverable and resourced outcomes required for real sector growth.

The next phase of the process will therefore focus on capturing more detailed information on current tourism assets and their growth ambitions. This will help evidence the strength and growth potential of the sector and provide intelligence to help influence tourism / economic strategies and potential future funding sources and investment decisions.

The Place Marketing Organisation will use the information you provide to create an Action Plan and 'pipeline' of investment opportunities. It will help them establish priorities for interventions and the resource implications needed to realise them,

They would be grateful if you could complete the data capture template for your organisation. An example has been supplied to help indicate the level of information required.

You can outline high level growth ambitions and/or provide details of planned individual projects. Feel free to cut and paste Section 3 to add any additional projects.

Please send all completed forms to Sally Coleman, Strategic Tourism Manager and by 7th January 2019. Sally is also happy to provide guidance on completing the template if required.

Ali and Sally will collectively work to ensure you are connected with the best people and organisations to support your growth.

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