Reach the Beach!

Posted: Mon, 03 Jul 2017 09:00

Reach the Beach!

The British summer is well and truly here and with the sun out and the skies blue, we all get that urge to go and dip our toes in the sea. Here in land-locked Leicestershire however, our nearest chance of visiting the 'beach' is Rutland Water.

Ditch the car and kick start your summer holiday by walking, running or cycling your way to the beach this summer. We challenge you to see how far you can travel from 3rd-23rd July. Which beach will you reach?

If you log any activity that is walking, running or cycling you will be automatically entered onto our leader board and be in with a chance of winning a spot prize. Spot prize winners will be announced on the 10th, 17th and 24th July.

What's your target?

What is your target? All distances are calculated from the starting point of Leicester city centre. Can Leicester-Shire and Rutland Workplace Challenge collectively walk, cycle and run to Bondi Beach (10,553 miles)?

Loughborough University Beach Volleyball Courts –11 miles

Rutland Water – 27 miles

Hunstanton – 90 miles

Skegness – 98 miles

Southport – 105 miles

Weston-Super-Mare – 136 miles

Blackpool – 143 miles

Brighton – 165 miles

Woolacombe – 221 miles

Newquay – 273 miles

Penzance – 300 miles

Why should you get out and about this summer?

- It's great for the environment! Using non-motorised transport reduces harmful emissions and consequently benefits our own health. Did you know that sitting in a car actually exposes you to more pollution than riding a bike through a busy city centre?

- Longer days – the summer means more opportunity to get active as the days get longer and it stays lighter out. The early evening/morning is the perfect temperature too

- Stock up on Vitamin D – even when it's not sunny, being outside increases your levels of vitamin D which has a host of benefits for your body

- Take to the trails – after waiting all winter for the countryside to be in a good enough condition, you can finally take a walk in the woods without your wellies and four extra layers

- Sleep better – much research to suggest that exercise helps you sleep soundly and makes you more alert when you are awake

- Productivity – being in the office on a sunny day can make you distracted while wishing you were outside. Get outside at lunchtime and walk a mile to get your sunshine fix for the day and boost your productivity once back in the office

How can you and your workplace get involved?

- Organise a lunch time walk or midday mile for your office

- Some districts offer health walks. Contact your Local Sport Alliance for more information:

- Switch up your meetings and walk and talk

- Walk/cycle to work and if it's too far to go the whole way, get off the bus a stop earlier or park a bit further away – Park and Stride!

- RunTogether – provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities. Find a running group near you:

- Join a beginner running group or challenge yourself to do the Couch25K programme. You can do this in the gym or outdoors:

- Let's Ride/Breeze Rides – free rides open to anyone. Breeze rides open to women only. Most bike types accepted. Visit to sign up for a ride.

For more information, visit the link below.

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