Year 7 Boys Cricket Report

Posted: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 11:49

Year 7 Boys Cricket Report

Year 7 Boys cricket

5 teams ultimately contested the year 7 boys cricket competition following St Martins withdrawal due to illness affecting a number of their players. The 5 teams took part in a round robin competition with each school team playing against each other. The first two matches saw Mount Grace and Hastings defeating Winstanley and Heathfield respectively. Hastings continued to play well adding another victory after overcoming Winstanley; Heathfield got their first win with victory over Redmoor. Further victories for Mount Grace and Hastings set up what would be the deciding match in the fourth series of games with Hastings setting mount Grace a total of 120 to beat which proved to be enough as tight bowling restricted Mount Grace to a total of 79. Final positions – 1st Hastings; 2nd Mount Grace; 3rd Winstanley; 4th Heathfield and 5th Redmoor. Hastings will now go on to represent the H&BSSPAN at the Level 3 comp in February.

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