Neil Bacon

Why did you decide to become a run leader?

"My progression into run leader and triathlon coaching stems from the influence of times past as part of Hinckley running club and 1485 Tri club. The welcome I got at both, and the years following of encouragement friendship and achievements in sport especially running swimming and cycling have encouraged and driven me to be that exact same person who is prepared to say hello how can we help.. The door should be open for everyone. I'm only part way through my coaching journey and have received so much back in terms of seeing others progress and fill with enjoyment. Next steps for me start soon. I already have my Level 2 Triathlon coaching course through British Triathlon and Level 1 Swim coaching course through Swim England, and would like to progress my Leadership in Running Fitness qualification to a Coach in Running Fitness"

What is your favourite place to be active and why?

"Currently my favourite active places are Market Bosworth country Park, such a lovely place to run. Also Mallory park with Race Rapid for lake swimming track cycling and running great bunch of people and a real safe place to train and race."

Neil Bacon - Run Leader

What are the biggest changes you see in people who start up running?

"The greatest thing for me is the mindset of the new runner. Week 1 - 'I cant possibly do this' to Week -, 'How far are we running today?!'. To see the change in the confidence the willingness to try is unbelievable.

For you, what is the best by-product of being active?

"My own gain from being active is the fact I'm treating my body and mind to a special treat. Not sitting on the settee blaming the world for what I cant do or I can not be bothered to even try to do. 'HAVE A GO ITS FUN'"

What is your advice for those who do not think running is for them / for those wanting to be more active?

"My best advice for anyone wanting to get active is very simple join groups of like minded people find a interest that makes you go wow I really enjoyed that. If a group activity is not for you then start simple start small and set goals and smile a lot, it make the sun shine."