HBSSPAN Junior Leadership Academy

What is the point of the Junior Leadership Academy?

▪To build a stronger school sports council which can either link into your existing school council or start something totally new.

▪To have your sports council offer more Level 0 personal challenges to provide an inclusive competition experience and support School Games Mark applications.

▪To give these young leaders a strong experience of leadership - in and outside of sport – before the progress onto secondary school where they'll be able to access official Sports Leaders UK qualifications which support UCAS/applications.

Schools Challenge

•How many intra-school competitions can you deliver throughout the year?

•Who can deliver the most intra-school virtual and non-virtual competitions for their peers?

Individual Leadership Awards

Leaders will be able to achieve their own leadership rewards as they deliver more personal challenges and support more intra school virtual competitions.

Bronze = 1 personal challenge,

2 competitions/festivals

Silver = 2 personal challenges,

5 competitions/festivals

Gold = 3 personal challenges,

10 competitions/festivals

Platinum = 5 personal challenges,

15 competitions/festivals

If you would like to know more about Junior Leadership Academy or any of our other programmes please contact Chris Ripley (chrisr9@bosworthacademy.org.uk).

Chris Ripley

Chris Ripley


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