June 2022

National Bike Week

6th-12th June

These last few years have seen a lot of change, many people took up cycling or rediscovered it, dusting off that old bike sitting in the shed to get out there again. Some for exercise, some for commuting to work, to go to the shops or even just to be able to see friends and family. The bike can give everyone freedom, freedom to choose how to travel and how to live their lives better and healthier.

So this Bike Week from 6-12 June lets really celebrate cycling, it's our chance to all come together and tell the UK that cycling is the answer, the answer to many questions – how can I help myself, my community, my county and my planet.

Did you know that cycling to work can mean you have a 45% lower risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease?

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Diabetes Week

13th-19th June

This Diabetes Week (13–19 June), we celebrated each and every one of you, the millions of people going through the same things, and everyone who's there to support you along the way. That's worth celebrating.

Being active and moving more can be beneficial to managing and preventing diabetes, including helping to control blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure.

Find out more about diabetes and the available support:

Men's Health Week

13th-19th June

What is a male health issue?

A male health issue is one that fulfills either or both of the following conditions:

  • it arises from the physiological, psychological, social, cultural or environmental factors that have a specific impact on boys or men;
  • it requires male-specific actions to achieve improvements in health or wellbeing at either an individual or a population level.

So, for this year's Men's Health Week, which runs 13-19 June it's time for you, me and men everywhere, to give ourselves an MOT.

Men's Health is important all year round. Get started today:

Healthy Eating Week

13th-17th June

The British Nutrition Foundation's 10th Healthy Eating Week took place from 13 - 17 June 2022.

The big message for the Week this year was, Eat well for you and the planet! Each day of the Week had a different theme:

  • Monday: Focus on fibre - for meals and snacks
  • Tuesday: Get at least 5 A DAY - put plenty on your plate
  • Wednesday: Vary your protein - be more creative
  • Thursday: Stay hydrated - fill up from the tap
  • Friday: Reduce food waste - know your portions

Find out more about healthier choices and nutrition here: