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Jump Rope UK is a World-renowned company that travel over the UK and World delivering workshops and demonstrations to schools/events and commercially. Working in partnership with HBSSPAN, Jump Rope UK provide skipping taster days that inspire and motivate children to practice and develop their skipping skills and work towards developing group routines to perform at HBSSPAN skipping festivals.

Skipping, a classic childhood pastime which has been enjoyed for hundreds of generations. Skipping ropes can be traced back to 1600AD where the Egyptians used vines for jumping. The success of the skipping instructor days has had real impact in HBSSPAN schools with children being inspired to skip on a daily basis and work to improve their skills both individually and as part of group routines to show off at our skipping festivals. Access to a school class set of skipping ropes has made daily skipping a suitable alternative to the Daily Mile and supports schools to log daily activity on the LRS Daily Boost website.

Top 6 Benefits Of Skipping!

1) Improves coordination

Coordination refers to working arms and legs in a coordinated, effective way. This is incredibly important for children of a young age to complete everyday activities in school and out, from tying up their shoe laces to playing sport.

2) Burns calories and reduces fat

Believe it or not skipping is a fantastic aerobic option for burning calories, reducing fat and keeping you fit, happy and healthy! A good session of skipping burns as many calories as a quick 30-minute walk.

3) Aids brain development

Jumping aids both the right and left sides of your brain. It can improve reading skills, spacial awareness and make you more mentally alert, all very important factors for succeeding within education!

4) Improves your ability to stay calm

By working your brain and body at the same time, skipping can help your young explorers to remain calm in pressured situations. This again helpful in an educational environment or when working and playing with others.

5) Fun and affordable activity

It's portable and can be done anywhere! All you need is a skipping rope and a pair of shoes (or wellies if you're jumping in puddles!). However we do recommend skipping outside, we wouldn't any broken lights happening!

6) Improves creativity

Skipping improves children's creativity – there are so many ways of using a skipping rope and turning it into a fun activity! There are no complex rules and guidelines to follow so skipping is the perfect imaginative play for children.

If you would like to know more about Jump Rope UK or any of our other programmes please contact Chris Ripley (chrisr9@bosworthacademy.org.uk).

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