Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors

Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassador programme is unique to Hinckley & Bosworth!

Everything we do is trying to support everyone to get active, in ways right for them, and having more people on the ground to promote the benefits of physical activity, health and wellbeing is key to guide and support people to get active and stay healthy.

This is the aim of the Health and Wellbeing Ambassador programme. Our Ambassadors live, work and look after their health wellbeing in their communities, meaning they are perfectly placed to engage and inspire local residents to look after their wellbeing. They are individuals who volunteer to support your journey to better health and wellbeing. Each with an inspiring story to tell, they can share their experiences around how physical activity has improved their mental and physical health.

Ambassadors have a job description (see below), are provided with a uniform, receive training, and each is provided with a work stream which is pertinent to their experience and capabilities. Our ambassadors will be asked

To date, we have recruited a number of volunteer Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors but we need more. The aim during 2023 is to recruit more ambassadors to connect with our residents directly in Hinckley and Bosworth.

The positive impact has been that our Ambassadors have supported participants who access the GP Exercise Referral Scheme, be at our local events and provide signposting information to local services and give information on healthy lifestyles.

Our Local Authority is proud of its Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors and look forward to developing it further.

Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors bring a range of skills and qualities:

  • Enthusiasm – about having a healthy lifestyle and leading by example
  • Empathy – how everyone has different circumstances
  • Lived experience – about the impact of being active has had on your life
  • Supportive – positively being encouraging to others
  • Genuine interest – in people: approachable, enjoy listening and talking
  • Sharing – key messages to help drive behaviour change in your local community
  • Advocating – being motivational and inspirational for the programme
  • A good understanding of confidentiality

"For me, being active is of the utmost importance, not only for my physical wellbeing but for my mental wellbeing as well. After experiencing three stokes, I decided that I would do all I could to find ways, both out in the community and at home, to stay active as I can within my capabilities. I'm very proud to be a Health & Wellbeing Ambassador".

Paul Herbert, Health and Wellbeing Ambassador

Why not hear from our current Ambassadors?

Active Advice

Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors are on hand to answer your most common questions and give their advice! Click to hear their stories

For more information about our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors programme, or how to get in touch with our Ambassadors, please contact:

Jonathan Jesson

Jonathan Jesson

Health Improvement Officer

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Hi, I'm Jonathan and have huge passions on health, wellness and fitness. I also love sport with being a fan of Leicester Tigers and F1. Outside of that I love walking, reading, gardening and growing my own veg. My role is to support the health and wellbeing of residents of the borough and my own colleagues.

Cultural Services
Argents Mead
Hinckley Leisure Centre
LE10 1FL
01455 255875