Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors

About the Health and Wellbeing Ambassador programme:

In a climate where funding for the delivery of sport and physical activity is reducing and the need to get people more active more often is growing, having people on the ground to promote the benefits of physical activity, health and wellbeing is key to guide and support people to get active and stay healthy.

Physical activity, health & wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the impact that decreased activity has had on local residents' mental health.

Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors live, work and get active in their communities, meaning they are perfectly placed to engage and inspire local residents to start and support their journey to better health and wellbeing.

We have recently recruited a number of new volunteer Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors to help us to support our goal in increasing our physical activity levels and to increase our residents' awareness of the importance and need for good health and wellbeing.

Ambassadors have a job description, are provided with a uniform, receive training, and each is provided with a work stream which is pertinent to their experience and capabilities.

To date, we have recruited 15 volunteer Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors. The aim during 2022 is to double this number to create an 'Army of Volunteers' who can extol the virtues of leading a physical active lifestyle.

The positive impact has been that our Ambassadors have supported participants who access the GP Exercise Referral Scheme and have contributed to our residents in providing one to one support, in taking them for short walks during the pandemic.

Our Local Authority is proud of its Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors and look forward to developing this concept further as we move into 2022.

Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors bring a range of skills and qualities:

  • Passionate – about being active
  • Lived experience – about the impact of being active has had on your life
  • Supportive
  • Genuine interest – in people: approachable, enjoy listening and talking
  • Engaging – with enthusiasm
  • Sharing – key messages to help drive behaviour change in your local community
  • Advocating – being an advocate for the programme
  • Volunteering – get involved and actively participate in volunteer opportunities to support people to get active within the local community

"For me, being active is of the utmost importance, not only for my physical wellbeing but for my mental wellbeing as well. After experiencing three stokes, I decided that I would do all I could to find ways, both out in the community and at home, to stay active as I can within my capabilities. I'm very proud to be a Health & Wellbeing Ambassador".

Paul Herbert, Health and Wellbeing Ambassador

Please see below the role description for our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors:

Why not hear from our current Ambassadors:

Active Advice

Our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors are on hand to answer your most common questions and give their advice! Click to hear their stories

For more information about our Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors programme, or how to get in touch with our Ambassadors, please contact:

Helen Smith

Helen Smith

Physical Activity Co-ordinator

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council

Hello, I'm Helen and my roles for Active Hinckley and Bosworth include: Co-ordinator for the Exercise Referral Programme, Walk Co-ordinator, Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme, Steady Steps Co-ordinator. Please feel free to contact me for any further info.

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