Cycling Parking

There are 105 cycle parking spaces around Hinckley town centre, meaning cycling in Hinckley is encouraged! For work or for leisure, you can be sure of space to lock up your cycle while you're here. Please note, however, that cycling is not permitted on Castle Street as this is a pedestrianised zone.

The position of these cycle racks are listed below, with the number of spaces shown in brackets.

  • Castle Street (10) (2 at Marmalade Meringue, 3 at Jaspers, 5 at Britannia Centre)
  • Top of Church Walk (4)
  • Cohens Chemist, Hill Street (5)
  • St Mary's School (2)
  • Regent Street (9) (3 sets of 3)
  • Market Place (4)
  • The Crescent from Station Road (9)
  • Sainsbury's (31)
  • Leisure Centre (18)
  • Hinckley Hub (13)

Please see the below which will show you where they are within the town:

Click here: to access a map of the cycling parking racks in Hinckley. OR see image below:

Locations and numbers of cycling parking racks in Hinckley