Change 4 Life Clubs

Primary Change 4 Life Sports Clubs (C4LSC) are built on a clear need to increase physical activity levels in less active young people, an identified need to develop a new type of sports club, creating an exciting and inspirational environment within which to engage these young people in school sport and a desire to ensure that, over time, less active young people can engage in the "School Games". Primary Change For Life Clubs deliver fun and engaging activities that keep children active, teach children about how to make simple changes to improve both physical activity levels and diet.

If you would like to know more about Change 4 Life Clubs or any of our other programmes please contact Chris Ripley (

Chris Ripley

Chris Ripley


Network Manager

Bosworth Academy,
Leicester Lane,
Desford LE9 9JL
01455 822841 (ext. 249)