Big Moves

Big Moves is the preferred Public Health Fundamental Movement Skills Programme. (Scroll Down for Resources)

Movement and physical play in early childhood are essential for the healthy growth and development of the body and the brain and nervous system – and yet many children – from birth - are experiencing very low levels of physical play and high levels of sedentary behaviour - with 90% of girls and 91% of boys aged 2-4 years not having enough physical activity for their health & wellbeing. (British Heart Foundation 2014)

The BIG MOVES! Brain Based Physical Literacy Programme has been created to help the ever-increasing numbers of children in mainstream primary school, whose delayed physical (sensory and motor) development is a very real barrier to listening and concentration, learning success and appropriate behaviour.

HBSSPAN will support schools to embed the Big Moves programme in school via:

  • Face to face training days delivered by Educational Kinesiologist, Elaine Cowley.


  • In-school delivery by HBSSPAN staff

Developed over a six year period in a Leicestershire school, BIG MOVES! explains to educators how the brain develops in early childhood and the Foundations for Formal Learning that every child needs in place before they can succeed in school and life. Reading materials and full resources are included in the course.

Practitioners are trained to deliver a daily, floor based movement intervention that takes 15 minutes a day in the hall. There are also additional BIG MOVES! classroom activities as well as ideas for free and creative play and creating an 'Active Education' environment.

The programme is suitable for KS1 & KS2 but is adaptable for successful use with Foundation stage children.

In 39 schools in Leicestershire, South Leicestershire sport have been using Big Moves with 39 schools and have collected the followed data: (495 children – 2014-15/16)

Impact measure

% showing an


Improvement in physical movement skills


Improvement in handwriting / fine motor skills


Improvement in concentration & listening


Improvement in ability to sit still


Improvement in showing initiative


Improvement in self care (i.e getting dressed)


Improvement in social involvement


Improvement in behaviour


Improved academic progress


If you would like to know more information about Big Moves or any of our other programmes please contact Alisha Singh (

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