Beyond the Baseline Project

Inactive, less sporty Secondary aged students receive training from an inspirational Youth Sport Trust Athlete Mentor to build the skills and confidence to be able to deliver one of the following tennis related projects:

  1. Establish a School Tennis Club at their school which is owned and managed by young people, runs initially on a weekly basis over a period of no less than 10 weeks.
  2. Run an intra-school tennis festival, (the equivalent of a School Games L1 competition).
  3. Run a series of tennis taster sessions for Year 6 (or equivalent) pupils from local feeder primary schools as part of a transition programme during the summer term.
  4. Work with a local tennis club/community tennis venue to run a series of Club taster sessions to support the club to increase regular junior members

If you would like to know more about Beyond the Baseline or any of our other programmes please contact Jen Gadsby (

Jen Gadsby

Jen Gadsby


Project Leader

Bosworth Academy,
Leicester Lane,
Desford LE9 9JL
01455 822841 (ext. 249)