Benefits of using Active Parks

  • Green spaces - Active parks uses local parks and green spaces to create opportunities for you to participate in fun physical activities, improving your health and boosting your mental wellbeing
  • Cost - Active parks are free! This ensures fun activity opportunities are available to all
  • Distance - Active parks are right at the heart of their community. This means you can get active in a familiar and trusted space without going straight into the gym environment
  • Fun - Provide low impact activities which are fun, friendly and not intimidating. You can make up a host of fun games and activities to enjoy with friends and family whilst visiting the local park
  • Equipment - All abilities and ages can use the equipment which means they do not rely on you owning any sports kit or equipment
  • Getting outside - Outdoor gyms help you to live an active and healthy lifestyle by making activity easy to access and free to use. They provide you with the chance to be active with your community, bringing people together to be active and have fun