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What's around my way?

What's around my way is our current advertising campaign to help you find your local parks, open spaces, walking and cycling routes and give you some ideas on what to do when you get there.

What's around my way?

Want to know where you your local parks and outside spaces are? Or are you looking for some inspiration for when you are out and about?

Whatever you are looking for you have come to the right place!

Looking for a park near you? Use our Parks and Open spaces Search Engine

Do you want to find somewhere new to stretch your legs or take the wheels for a spin? Need somewhere new for the kids to explore or are you looking for that perfect picnic spot with friends over the summer? Our parks and open spaces search engine can help you with that. Just enter your postcode into the search engine and you will be directed to all those leafy green spaces right on your doorstep. Click onto the Picture

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Physical Activity Guidelines - So how much exercise should we be doing?

The Department of Health have devised scientifically informed Physcial Activity Guidelines to help policy makers, health professionals and individuals to understand how to reduce the risk of ill health associated with inactivity and sedentary behaviours.

The Guidelines have been created specific to different life stages to inform individuals on how much physical activity they should be doing. Full guidelines are at the bottom of the page, but why not view the infographs below for more of a snapshot of the headline recommendations.