Heather has worked with some of our local residents since May 2020. Her role has been to support local residents to become more active during these uncertain times with COVID19. Heather has worked with over 15 local residents since May 2020 to provide them with an opportunity to engage in the community once more for short walks. Heather does this every week with so much enthusiasm and kindness. Heather just doesn't take the residents for shorts walks, she really listens and understands how they are feeling. She takes the time to engage even to the point that she helps with gardening tips and taking small plants to help some residents with mental health issues to start looking after living plants and calls them weekly to remind them that they need watering. Heather is always willing to take on new residents and nothing is to much for her. She is resilient, kind and passionate about what she does. Some of our residents have found this invaluable due to some of their complex needs and feeling very isolated, little or no confidence to go out for a walk and Heather has helped those people to feel more confident in themselves. Heather has also expressed that she would like to become a Health Ambassador for the borough council to continue her work with local residents.