Active at home

If you don't know where to start with physical activity, start from home. You don't need special facilities, lots of equipment, or instructors to reach your daily physical activity goals; whether that is home exercise classes, play sessions with the family, using an app or an outdoor walk.

Use these links below for ways you can get active from home:

Sport England Join The Movement:

  • Provides tips, advice and guidance on how to keep or get active, including lots of home workouts, fitness plans (both free and subscription plans) for children, adults, older adults, pregnant women, those with disabilities and those with ill mental health.

Virtual and Live activity sessions:

  • Use the Get Active search engine to help you find a range of virtual classes you can do at home, led by providers across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

We Are Undefeatable Get Moving Around the Home:

  • There are a range of free videos and guides for how to get moving at home online. The website explores alternative options, and strongly advocates that there's no need to stick to traditional exercises if you want to get moving around the house. Dancing to the radio or keeping moving around the kitchen while the pasta boils are perfectly good ways to move more as well.

Useful apps:

  • There are lots of physical wellbeing apps available for your mobile device. Find out which ones might suit you and your family best to motivate you and keep you active.